Do you want to make a difference?

Do you want to save money and the planet at the same time? Do you want to set your business apart from your competitors? Do you want to become net zero? Then we're here to help!


A picture of two footprints in the sand representing carbon footprints

1. Measure

Calculate your current carbon footprint and use it to drive efficiencies throughout your organisation or event. You’ll need to think about not only your direct emissions but the embedded emissions in your supply chain. Let Low Carbon Consulting assist you to identify and measure your sources of emissions.

A close up photo of some solar PV panels represent reducing emissions using renewable energy technology

2. Reduce

Once you know your footprint, you’ll need to develop a plan to reduce your carbon emissions and costs – saving the planet and money – a win-win! Low Carbon Consulting can work with you to develop a focussed carbon reduction plan.

a photo looking up in to a tree canopy represents carbon offsets

3. Offset

Once you’ve reduced your carbon emissions as much as possible, you’ll need to offset any remaining emissions to get to net zero. Low Carbon Consulting can help you find genuine, high quality offsets that align with your brand and ethics.

Sustainability and Net Zero

How we can help...

Carbon neutral organisations

Low Carbon Consulting works with all types of organisations (businesses, local government, schools and NGOs) to help them reduce their carbon emissions. We’ll help you identify, measure and reduce the different sources of greenhouse gas emissions from your organisation. You can also chose to become certified Carbon Neutral through Climate Active.

Carbon neutral events

Do you want to make your event carbon neutral? Low Carbon Consulting can work with you to assess and manage your event’s carbon impact including things like travel, waste management and electricity. You can also chose to become certified Carbon Neutral through Climate Active.
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I’m Lynn Delgado, the director of Low Carbon Consulting.

Let me support you.

I set up Low Carbon Consulting to support organisations and businesses who want to become part of the global race to net zero emissions. I am a qualified carbon manager and a registered consultant for the Australian Government’s Climate Active carbon neutral program.

Before setting up LCC, I worked for many years in sustainability and carbon management in the public sector and as an engineering consultant.

I am excited and determined to address head on the climate change challenges that we face and to help others who want to take meaningful action. If you want to make a real difference, whilst also reducing your business costs, differentiating your brand and becoming a leader, then now is the time to get on board.

Grab the huge opportunities the low carbon future offers and let’s do this!

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