About Low Carbon Consulting

My name is Lynn Delgado and I’m Director of LCC, experts in sustainability, carbon management and net zero. With 20+ years experience in the sustainability field, I have worked with non-profits, businesses, universities and government agencies. All these organisations had one thing in common – a desire to do things differently and to make a difference.

I work with organisations that are passionate about acting on climate change and improving the planet for all its inhabitants – big, small; human or not. I’m interested in working with you if you want to

  • be a leader in your sector or community
  • do good
  • create real change
  • align your business with the Paris Agreement goals
  • achieve net zero or be carbon positive

The Formal Stuff

I have a Bachelors degree in Engineering and a Masters degree in Environmental Studies. Along the way I have also gathered qualifications in Carbon Management, Project Management, Professional Writing and Editing, Leading Change, Community Resilience, and Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL).

My Specializations

I can help you with

  • Target setting
  • Carbon emissions reduction strategies and plans
  • Net Zero Plans
  • Carbon neutrality
  • Climate Emergency frameworks
  • Climate change risk assessment and adaptation
  • Sustainability strategy, policy and reporting
  • ESG and CSR reporting
  • Climate change policies and strategies
  • Carbon accounting and reporting (a.k.a. carbon footprint or carbon inventory)
  • Business cases for solar PV procurement
  • Project management of solar installations
  • Design and development of sustainability education and engagement programs focussing on low carbon, local food, water and waste

A Sound Start

How I learned to listen to my clients

Starting my career as an acoustic engineer, I was lucky enough to work on some amazing global projects including the Sydney Opera House, Sydney City Recital Hall and the Manchester Opera House, UK. Through this work I learnt how to:

  • listen to what clients want
  • help clients understand what they need
  • work with a client to develop a clear brief
  • deliver on the brief, efficiently and effectively
  • communicate clearly throughout the process

More about me (if you’re interested)

Originally growing up on a smallholding in Wales, surrounded by mountains and sheep, I have since lived and worked in many parts of the world including the UK, Singapore, Thailand, Spain and South America before settling in Australia.

Wales will always remain my motherland however and I love to get back there to visit and walk in the hills.

I am one of the people who love both the Sciences and the Arts. I thrive on the challenge of blending science and communications, like developing carbon inventories (the maths stuff) and selling the net zero success stories of the organisations I work with (the communications stuff)

Back in the day my school was adamant that mixing English with physics and maths was a really BAD idea. In fact so bad that they went out of their way to dissuade me. I thankfully stubbornly ignored them and chose to follow my passions and beliefs. I have never regretted it. It has always stood me well, whether writing technical reports or explaining technical issues to non-expert audiences.

Luckily nowadays students are not expected to make the choice between science or arts – it is understood that we need a whole bag of different skills to navigate in our changing, challenging world.

These days I call Urunga my home, a small, sleepy, coastal village on the beautiful mid north coast of NSW, at the confluence of the Bellinger and Kalang rivers.

Getting out into nature is where I find my motivation and optimism, as well as the place where I breath in and reconnect.  It balances my burning anger at the slowness of progress towards reducing our emissions and protecting our amazing biodiversity and keeps me focussed on the task at hand.

I may not be in the city but that is no longer an issue – I can work for you wherever you are in the world (or wherever I am for that matter!). Get in touch now!

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