Net Zero Carbon Services: I'm here to help you on the journey

To go on a journey you’ll need a few things – a starting point, a destination, a map and a compass.

Start point

Measure your carbon emissions


Set your carbon reduction targets


Develop your strategy or action plan for how to get there,


Ongoing measurement and evaluation to check you’re travelling in the right direction

Tell your story

Once you’re on the road to net zero you need to tell your story, alerting your clients to your hard work and encouraging others to step up too. I can support you with your sustainability and carbon communications – check out my associated business ClearContent.

OK maybe you use GPS these days but you get the idea. You’ll also need to let people know you’re on your way and making great progress – that’s your communications plan. All these are needed to successfully navigate the journey to net zero. And I can help you with one, more or all of them.

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picture of a target with arrows in it to represent setting emissions reduction targetsSetting carbon or greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets is an important step to becoming net zero or carbon neutral. By when do you want to become carbon neutral? What percentage of carbon offsets is acceptable?

What targets are chosen will depend on each organisation’s particular context including cost, availability of technology, timing and business expectations or limitations.

If you want to support the goal of the Paris Agreement and the COP26 declaration to keep global temperature rise to 1.50C then your long term target should be net zero by 2050 at the latest and strong interim targets along the way.

You will need to consider what your step targets are on the way, for example your 2030 target. These could be based on science-based targets or step reductions based on baseline emissions.

I can help you to understand what the options are that will best align with your organisation’s aspirations, goals and capabilities and thus ensure they are both meaningful and achievable.

Reasons for measuring your greenhouse gas emissions

  • To set targets for emissions reduction
  • To become carbon neutral or net zero
  • To meet compliance requirements
  • To meet industry expectations
  • Procurement for contractors, services and products (increasingly specified in tenders for public sector and other organisations)

I can support you in calculating your baseline carbon inventory (also commonly known as a carbon footprint) or I can measure it for you. You’ll need to review your carbon footprint each year so I’ll make sure that you have the data, skills and confidence you need to do this yourself or I can support you with it.

From this baseline, any carbon emissions reduction activities can then be measured, quantified and celebrated.

I specialise in both Organisational emissions and Carbon Neutral Events

I will work with you to identify all the potential sources of emissions for your organisation or event and then categorize and assess them according to their relevance, using national or international standards and protocols, depending on your organisations or event’s specific needs and aims.

Australia’s government endorsed carbon neutral standard for measurement of emissions is Climate Active. I am a registered consultant for both Climate Active Organisations and Climate Active Events.

Developing a Carbon Reduction Strategy is a key step in the journey to carbon neutrality. This plan should identify the actions that the organisation is taking to reduce emissions and the timeframe in which it will be achieved.

The Emissions Reduction Plan could be a stand-alone document or form part of a broader organisational approach, such as a Sustainability Strategy or a Climate Change Action Plan.

I have worked with local councils, non-profit organisations and businesses to develop a range of Sustainability Strategies, Climate Change Policies, Climate Emergency Frameworks, Carbon Plans and Community Carbon Reduction Plans, ensuring they are relevant and achievable.

Once you have developed your strategy or action plan you will need to monitor and report annually to your stakeholders. This will require you to re-measure your carbon footprint each year to see how you are tracking. I can help you develop the tools and confidence you need to do this as simply as possible.

Carbon Neutral Events

Do you want to:

  • make your event stand out?
  • show that you are committed to acting on climate change?
  • cut costs, reduce waste and be as efficient as possible?

Then making your event carbon neutral is the step for you.

This will mean planning the event in a low carbon way and then offsetting any carbon emissions that cannot be avoided.

If you want to plan for a carbon neutral event get in touch with me as soon as you can and I can carry out an initial scoping with you. You’ll need to gather the data during your event. After that I can calculate your footprint and any carbon credits (offsets) will need to be purchased to achieve a net zero event.

Event Emissions

Your emissions will be event specific but will generally include:

  1. Electricity
  2. Travel
  3. Waste
  4. Water
  5. Accommodation
  6. Equipment/Materials

You can choose whether to become formally certified as a carbon neutral event under the Australian Climate Active program. This is a rigorous assessment but also highly acknowledged. As a registered consultant for Climate Active, I can help you with this.

Becoming carbon neutral or net zero sends a clear signal about your business.

  • That you are committed to doing your bit
  • You are serious about sustainability and protecting our youth and future generations
  • Your business is a good corporate leader

Going net zero is good for your business

  • It makes great business sense – it saves costs through energy saving and efficiencies.
  • It gives you the edge over competitors – it shows you’re part of the solution not part of the problem.
  • It gives you the opportunity to market and communicate your brand and approach. Customers are increasingly seeking out businesses that have a social and environmental conscience.
  • Be placed to win procurement contracts requiring carbon neutrality

Many of Australia’s best-known companies are leading the way, taking action to help Australia meet its carbon reduction commitments.

If you provide goods or services to larger organisations or government, they are increasingly looking to procure from businesses that can demonstrate low carbon credentials.

Whether you’re a local council, an SME or a non-profit, Low Carbon Consulting can help you through the steps you need to take to become net zero.  Get in touch now for a no-pressure chat – I love talking low carbon!

Carbon offsetting is used to reduce or offset emissions that cannot be avoided and are ‘left over’ once all emissions reduction opportunities have been implemented. It is used as an intermediate step whilst emissions are being reduced – it should not replace emissions reductions. The number of carbon offsets being purchased should decrease over time as the organisation reduces its emissions.

Low Carbon Consulting can help you achieve carbon neutrality/net zero through purchasing certified national and international carbon offsets. The type of offsets that your organisation chooses to buy will depend on your brand, priorities and sustainability objectives. We can help you develop your offsets strategy and how you communicate it to clients and shareholders.

Once you’ve started reducing your carbon and making sustainability changes you’ll want to share your story with the community, your stakeholders, employees and clients. Letting others know about your efforts shows your leadership, gives you a point of difference from your competitors and helps others to take the step too.

We can help you to develop your communications content including annual sustainability reporting, website content and case studies. We also have significant experience in stakeholder communication and engagement and developing compelling stories that help people to make real and lasting change towards sustainability. See our sister website for more information or get in touch.

So many acronyms!

There are many reporting frameworks out there (with lots of acronyms) and it can be hard to know where to start. There is no single way to report and the best solution will differ from one business to the next, depending on the drivers, pressures, audiences and data availability of each organisation. I can help you find what works for your organisation.
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Some organisations complete an annual ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) disclosure report, often forming part of their annual report. Some report voluntarily as part of the CDP global disclosure system  (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project). Many use the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol as a standard for reporting.

carbon offset reports


Others might use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as an overarching guideline for their business approach, or use a framework such as the Taskforce on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), which includes climate change risk assessment.

carbon neutral reports


Another popular reporting standard is the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which offers global standards for sustainability reporting across a whole range of topics.

Whatever your planning, monitoring and reporting needs, I can work with you to help identify what works for your business, ensuring that your plan or strategy maps your organisation’s vision and intent, clearly and proactively outlining what you are doing and how you are tracking.

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