Net Zero Planning

The Australian Association of Environmental Educators, NSW Chapter are keen to show leadership to their members by reducing their carbon footprint and moving as rapidly as possible towards net zero emissions. They have set themselves an ambitious target of reaching net zero by 2022.

Low Carbon Consulting worked closely with the Association to identify and calculate their carbon emissions, including their digital footprint. We identified the main areas for action across fuel, electricity, waste and procurement and then made recommendations, particularly around greening of their digital footprint, for example

  • using data centres that use 100% renewable energy and are transparent in their approach
  • using software from organisations that show commitment and real action towards carbon neutrality
  • minimising unnecessary emails, digital file storage and video conferencing

Gathering data about an organization’s digital footprint can be tricky as information is often not available from the many information and communications technology (ICT) companies. The absence of data should not stop action however and AAEE NSW’s approach is to choose ICT companies that are leaders in sustainability and carbon reduction and, in this way, encourage others to follow.

Once the carbon footprint was calculated LCC advised on suitable carbon offsets to balance remaining carbon emissions.

Main activities:

  • carbon footprinting
  • carbon reduction strategy
  • carbon offsets