Emissions Reduction Reporting

Low Carbon Consulting was contracted to review Coffs Harbour City Council’s progress over the past 5 years, against their Renewable Energy and Emissions Reduction Plan.

This involved collection of data and evidence of actions over the past five years across areas including electricity, fuel and waste. We measured the council’s current carbon footprint and compared it with their previous years’ emissions, allowing the council’s progress over the five years to be evaluated.

LCC then recommended areas with further carbon reduction opportunities, improvement of data collection methodologies and embedding cultural change processes within the organisation.

Having successfully completed the review, LCC was employed to project manager the development of an updated 10year strategy including developing a detailed Request for Quotation, selection of consultants and independent oversight of the whole project.

The council is now well on the way to setting new ambitious targets, aiming to meet the Paris Agreement target of limiting emissions to within 1.5oC temperature rise.

Main activities:

  • Carbon footprinting
  • Research and review of emissions reduction activities – carbon reduction action planning
  • Project management