Opportunities in the Australian Nature-based Carbon Market

Ecosure Pty Ltd sub-contracted Low Carbon Consulting to deliver the carbon aspects of a Biodiversity Stewardship Program for the Mid North Coast Joint Organisation of Councils. LCC reviewed aspects of the Federal government’s Emissions Reduction Fund, related to carbon farming and vegetation management methods (e.g. tree planting for carbon credits).

Research investigated the opportunities, challenges and barriers, risks and costs associated with participating in the carbon farming market, as well as the potential for economic benefits and other community, social and environmental co-benefits.

The report provided clear and useful information including flow charts and diagrams, allowing the group of councils and other local landholders to quickly understand the main processes of the complex Emissions Reduction Fund scheme.

Worked examples with selected sites gave insights into the parameters for participation, including the Australian carbon credit unit price, costs, land type and location

Main activities:

  • Researching the carbon market and Emissions Reduction Fund
  • Business case assessment for Australian Carbon Credit Unit generation opportunities
  • Technical report writing for a non-expert audience
  • Carbon offsets